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TV show introduces autistic girl

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It’s funny to think that a children’s  TV  show can help a high schooler understand autism. On April 10 Sesame Street introduced Julia, the first muppet with autism.

The newest muppet does things a little differently while showing traits associated with autism: like social anxiety, sensitivity to noise, and high energy.  

Julia will help kids understand a little more, while realizing that autism works differently for everyone who has it.  

According to Dylan Matthews of, “That’s a message that fits in well with Sesame Street, but is miles ahead of autism representation elsewhere in TV and movies.”

In Hollywood, there is little good publicity of autistics, so when Sesame Street portrayed Julia as fitting in, and most importantly showing that her friends are patient and understanding, it reiterates what people with autism have been saying for years.

Those of us with autism are patient with others, because we know we’ll do it our way, the way we want to do it, the way it works for us.  In our minds, and what the new muppet character shows, is that we’re very successful doing it our way.

Growing up, I don’t remember hearing the word autism or autistic.  All I knew was that I didn’t fit in, which may explain why Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” is my favorite princess. She didn’t fit in, and people thought she was odd and strange. Despite all those things, she still got her happy ending.

Knowing what  I know now and experiencing life, “Sesame Street” has helped me understand more, and is a step further toward displaying a positive environment and attitude towards autism.

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TV show introduces autistic girl