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Borah high school teacher stands up for immigrants and refugees

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Borah High School teacher, Rod Wray, wrote a letter on Facebook telling how great his refugee and immigrant students are.

In an email Wray writes, “I was originally writing a reply to a rude post on a friend’s fb page and it got too long, so I just posted it on my fb page thinking only my friends would see it.”

Wray’s friend had posted a picture of his month old baby being held by his grandfather with a caption saying, “This is my father who came to this country as a refugee from what was a terrorist country at that time 41 years ago. Since then he has started many small businesses, fed thousands of people ethnic food, and raised two boys on his own. Because of him I get to raise my new daughter in the country.”

This positive picture and caption received a negative comment. Wray started to write his reply to the negative comment and realized his reply was too long, so he posted his epistle on his Facebook page.

Thinking only his friends would see it, Wray soon saw the letter was republished over 75 times, and he received replies from all over the country. The comments were mainly “thank you’s.” A teacher even asked to use it in the classroom.

Wray has been teaching for 21 years, and throughout those years he has been working with all kinds of students.

The superintendent of the Boise School District, Don Coberly, said, “Earlier this week, Rod Wray, an English teacher at Borah High School, wrote a powerful statement, ‘Immigrant Students Enrich Our School and Community‘ on the importance immigrants and refugee students bring to our schools and community. We believe he has captured perfectly the sentiments and philosophy of our district.”

The message from the superintendent also describes how diversity and culture of the immigrants and refugees enriches Boise and all of the Treasure Valley.


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The student news site of Borah High School
Borah high school teacher stands up for immigrants and refugees