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Horticulture teacher tells of plant sale success

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The plant sale held by horticulture teacher Jeremy Thompson on May 12- 13 was a success. Though the sale had some differences from last year’s, planning for next year’s spring sale, and a possible fall sale, is in progress.

Borah Senator: Was the plant sale this year a success? About how much did the sale make?

Jeremy Thompson: Yes, it was a success.  By the time it’s all said and done, our sales will probably be between $4,500-$5,000.

Senator: What does the money you make from the sale go towards?

Thompson: The sales mainly go towards supplies for our sale next year (seeds, soil, pots).  If we have extra, I replace broken water wands and table tops.

Senator: Was the sale in any ways different from last year’s?

Thompson: It was different in that I only did one Friday after school and one Saturday.  Last year, I had a couple weekends and maybe 10 days after school. I had more perennials this year, too.

Senator: How was it the same?

Thompson: We had similar sales numbers and it’s been a positive response from customers both years.

Senator: Did more or less people come to the plant sale?

Thompson: I think it was less people, but there were some people that bought large quantities, which was different from last year.

Senator: Have you already started planning for next year’s sale?

Thompson: Yes.

Senator: If so, what kind of planning?

Thompson: What seeds and how many to buy, contemplating a tree and shrub sale in the late fall (Oct.) so looking into cost and materials for that. Taking inventory of tools to see if I need to replace some as well.

Senator: You said you were contemplating a tree and shrub sale in the fall, would this be the first time?​ If so, what gave you the idea for this sale?

Thompson: I’ve never done a tree/shrub sale. I might do it because the fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs, and I was given some information about a nursery that has inexpensive seedlings. It’s a different type of plant from vegetables and flowers, so another learning opportunity.

Senator: I would also like to ask, why you didn’t have as many days for the sale this year?​ Do you think it will be the same for next year’s spring sale?

Thompson: As for number of sale days, I have a family and I wanted to limit time away from them. Also, it was hard to get student help outside of school hours.

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Horticulture teacher tells of plant sale success