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Drama classes attend BSU for two day seminar

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Theatre students attended a two-day Boise State University workshop designed for lighting and stage combat the first day and watching the play, “Urinetown,” the next day.

Students from all around Boise and the surrounding cities–including Centennial, Rocky Mountain, and Capital–filled the BSU Jordan Ballroom. The students were given nametags and sat down for a 50 minute orientation on the rules, different class blocks, and where and when lunch could be eaten.

One of the most anticipated classes was “Who’s got Game?” which was offered for the first block and took up to 15 people at most.The popular “Who’s got Game?” session was hosted by two BSU students who gave strategies for warm-up games such as “Zombie” and a form of “Zoom, Schwartz, Pathegliano.”

For the second block, sophomore Marilyn Willis went to “Believe it or Knot.” This was the sophomore’s favorite workshop. The class taught her five practical and essential theatrical rigging knots that could be applied in many ways.

Junior Sumer Al-Mushrefawi went to “Discovering Your Creative Identity” for her third block, which involved games in which you get to delve into your aspirations and let them loose. Students shared more intimate parts of their futures, while others discovered things they didn’t know about themselves before.

One of the last blocks of the day for Junior Emma Doane was “The Haka.” It was a chance for for her to learn the Polynesian war dance and explore other options in theatre. “It felt good to get out of school and be around friends who also enjoy theatre,” she said. The class was taught by a student, who lead the class in all the traditional movements of the Haka. It is a war dance by the Maori people used before war to announce one’s power and strength.

The second day started out the same, with all the kids filing into the Jordan Ballroom and recapping the prior day’s rules.

Then all went to the university’s Special Events Center where they got to witness BSU’s play, “Urinetown the Musical.”

The first act was full of wordplay and innuendos most didn’t expect to see. “ I loved the subtle ‘raunchy-ness,’” sophomore Marilyn Willis said.

After lunch, the second and concluding act of the play unfolded.

Afterward, the students filed into the Jordan Ballroom to have a talkback with the cast and directors about how production was handled, when artistic liberty was taken, and how the actors learned lines, among other details.

It was a learning experience; students delved deeper into the play and its production.  With the costumes and makeup and sets, being fueled by many of the clothing and color design portions of the schools taking part.

Students ended the day with newfound knowledge about other cultures, plus tips and tricks for auditioning, for example. Most, if not all, who went this year mentioned they would for sure go again next year.

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Drama classes attend BSU for two day seminar