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Borah community comments on Women’s March in Boise

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Sociology teacher Kate Thompson

Can marching impact a whole nation? Wanting to change a certain law in our

Junior Inaya Poteri

society may be hard, and there are many ways someone can do it. Some say it’s wrong, some say it’s right, but can protesting change something?  

The Jan. 21 Women’s March in Idaho started at the Capitol Building and moved to Boise City Hall, where various speakers gave small speeches to inspire young and old, men and women, to join them in a cause for human rights. Between 5,000 to 7,000 joined the protest, many saying it was a peaceful march, a march for equality.

“Feminist is not a bad word,” said sociology teacher Kate Thompson, who marched for the cause. Other cities in Idaho that held marches  include Driggs, Idaho Falls, Ketchum, Moscow, Pocatello, Sandpoint and Stanley.

“Consider helping women out,” said senior Alex Duggan.

Junior Ethan Mesenhimer-Molet

Not everyone exactly agreed with this march. Many thought that the protest

Senior Alex Duggan

wasn’t necessary or correct. “I don’t regret not going,” said junior Ethan Mesenhimer-Molet, who supports women’s rights but not the protests.

“It was nice seeing everyone stand up against one big thing,” said junior Inaya Poteri, who joined the march with Duggan.  Even though it was snowing during the march, it didn’t stop them from speaking out.

The Women’s March slogan was “Hear Our Voice,” which represented all of the women and minorities that would not be helped nor heard.

The Women’s March, which was held all around the world, was to convince everyone, no matter who they are, what religion they practice, where they come from, what their gender is, who they choose to love, or what they do with their body can be equal to someone who is completely different from themselves.

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Borah community comments on Women’s March in Boise