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The Borah Senator is an online and print publication for Borah High School. We cover everything from student activities, clubs or groups, school events, to movie and book reviews.

If you are interested in being a part of the Borah Senator, you need take the Beginning Journalism class and then move into newspaper production. With the Newspaper class, you will be a part of the print version of the Senator that is delivered throughout the school once a month. The Journalism class is in charge of the online Senator, which publishes stories once every two weeks.

The staff consists of:

An Editor-In-Chief

Staff Writers



Graphic Designers

Illustrators / Editorial Cartoonists

Marketing/Business Students

Being a part of The Borah Senator, you learn a lot about Borah, make new friends, improve your writing skills, and even get invited to Journalism conferences outside of the state. We take at least one trip each school year to a conference to better our writing abilities, and better our understandings of being a writer in a publication.

Would you like to join? Email adviser for more information.

The Borah Senator is a publication run by students at Borah High School that are in either the Beginning Journalism class, or the Newspaper class. Borah High School is located in Boise, Idaho. The story writers of these classes interview people, go to events, even take trips to cities like Pocatello, and San Francisco to go to Journalism conferences. It is also a fun class to join, since we bring in food, and have a good time. We work a lot on our stories so readers can enjoy our stories. If you ever want to find our school, we are located at: 6001 Cassia Street, Boise, ID 83709. If you want to find our school website for things other than news, check here. Feel free to leave comments on our stories; critiques are appreciated.



The student news site of Borah High School