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2016-2017 Staff

Demi Manglona


My name is Demi Manglona and I am a senior. This is my second year in newspaper, but my third year taking a journalism course. This year, I am co-editor-in-chief, and I plan to improve my leadership and planning skills through...

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Juliann Daw

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Juliann Daw and I'm a Senior at Borah. This is my second year in newspaper. My goals this year are to write some really great articles and develop my skills more. I took journalism because my mother wanted...

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Brooke Kerley

Staff Writer

My name is Brooke Kerley and I am a senior at Borah High School. This is my first year in newspaper, but I have been a writer my entire life. I enjoy covering sports and feature stories, and am looking forward to producing vi...

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Gabriel Abille

Editorial Cartoonist/ Writer

My name is Gabriel, I come fro the Philippines, I come in peace! Hey, some thing you should know about me is that, I love god raw, if you look at my profile, I have done many things regarding drawing and editor cartoons for the...

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Heidi Johnson

Staff Writer

I'm Heidi Johnson a staff writer here at Borah High schools. I’m a junior that not only to writes but I also take a ton of photos for the newspaper. I decided to join this year because I wanted to contribute with my photos and...

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Baylee London

Staff Writer

My name is Baylee and this is my sophomore year at Borah. I joined journalism and newspaper because it gives me an opportunity to get involved in all that goes on in the school. I have two pugs who I spend lots of time with a...

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Ariel Cordova

Staff Writer

  Hello Borah High School student! My name’s Ariel Cordova and I am a sophomore here at our beautiful school. I joined the Borah Senator hoping to learn more about our school, be active in ongoing events, and try to k...

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Hailey Hasenyager

Staff Writer

My name is Hailey Hasenyager, and I am a junior here at Borah. I am in journalism because I love writing. I want to learn how to become a better writer. I really love talking to others and learning about them. I love to take pict...

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Reid Post

Staff Writer

My name is Reid Post and I am a senior. I haven't taken any journalism classes but I am very interested in writing columns and seeing how it feel to be a journalist. I mostly write short stories but have wanted to expand to di...

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Corissa Campbell

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Corissa Campbell. I am a senior this year at Borah and I am excited for the new year! This is my first year in newspaper and I am excited to write stories about/for our school. I took this class because I love ...

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Isabelle Robison

Staff Writer

My name is Isabelle Robison, and I am starting my senior year at Borah! I joined the Senator team because I have always loved to write, and wanted to test my sails in the world of journalism! Besides reading and writing, I spend mo...

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Moses Adam Rodriguez

Staff Writer

My name is Moses Adam Rodriguez and I joined Newspaper to become a better writer and to be more involved with Borah for my senior year. I love listening to music on my free time and playing the guitar. Winter is my favorite s...

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Phoenix Dunn

Staff Writer

I am a Sophomore here at Borah! I decided to join journaling because I love to write and being part of a team makes it even more enjoyable for me. I specifically joined this class as a way for me to make friends and put myself ...

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Elaina Swanson

Staff Writer

Hi everyone, My name is Elaina Swanson and I am a sophomore here at Borah. I am very excited to be a part of the Borah Writing Team. It is a new adventure for me and I hope to give you, the readers, an article you enjoy. I...

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Skye Vialpando

Staff Writer

Joining Borah newly as a sophomore, I decided to join Journalism due to a career planning class I took over the summer. It was suggested that, for my future career goals, that I attend a journalism class and evolve not only my wr...

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Mosha Issamar Lopez Covarrubias

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Mosha Issamar Lopez Covarrubias. I am a junior in Borah high school and I'm excited to say that I joined Borah's News Production. I sing, dance, play music, and I also write music. I decided to join because I...

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Brianna White

Staff Writer

Hi. I'm a sophomore here at Borah, and I joined journalism because it looked pretty cool. And it is really cool. I've been wanting to join a writing class for a while but now I'm finally apart of Borah Senator. I love spending...

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