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Musicians at Borah seek higher goals

Musicians at Borah seek higher goals

Korey Combs

Junior Sarah Hart composes her own and often displays her talents at any opportunity she gets, sharing her music with the rest of Borah High School.


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Amongst the musical talent at Borah, some aspire to reach professional levels.

Senior Shane Norman-Cox and juniors Marissa Jerome and Sarah Hart plan to use their musical studies to propel their dreams of going professional.

Jerome first took hold of singing when she was four years old. Surrounded by music from her mother and grandmother, who are both pianists, she adopted singing into her daily life. Her musical resume lists participation in over 25 musicals, numerous published music videos on YouTube, and competition in several singing contests.

The vocalist takes voice lessons and performs at Rockies Diner every Saturday night. She describes this experience as “a nice way to get out and keep performing.”

Jerome plans to keep reaching for her dreams. “I don’t care what anybody else thinks,” she said. “If I’m having fun doing it, them I’m happy.”

As she continues to learn guitar and build connections, she keeps one idea in mind: “I want to be somebody that four-year-olds can look up to and 95-year-olds can listen to.”

Norman-Cox, a trombone and trumpet player, aspires to integrate music into his every day life as an adult. He recently had an audition at the Berkely School of Music, and said the experience was great.

Although hopeful for acceptance, if denied he plans to play music on a cruise ship for a year before attending college.

He currently plays in a band called Voice of Reason, and they typically are hired for two to three gigs, or paid musical performances, per week during the summer. He explained the performances as good opportunities to get around and play, but ultimately, “[the gigs] just put gas in the car.” He also performs with many other bands, including the Entertainers, and even appeared with English teacher Rod Wray.

Norman-Cox aspires to be the head of a small funk band, and added that his acceptance into Berkeley would be “a good outlet on getting a funk band going.” He wishes to leave Boise, saying, “There’s no band here that can make a living just on music.”

Appearing multiple times in this year’s Variety Show, Hart explained that music is a great outlet to share emotion. “I like to do (music),” she said. “I don’t necessarily see it as work.” She described her own style as a singer/songwriter or folk type.

Hart plans to attend a contemporary music college and pursue music composition or production. For now, “I study and involve myself in music and learn more about it.”

She has looked at other career aspirations, but indicated that music is etched into her soul, “Truthfully, I’ve looked at other occupations, but everywhere I look I cannot fall into the same rhythm as with music.”

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Musicians at Borah seek higher goals