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Students adorn walls, doors with art


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From intricate murals to collections of detailed photos, artwork is an integral part of Borah’s overall image.  Doors are decorated in unique designs and pictures. The walls of the main building are lined with inspirational quotes, and the ones in the math hall are decorated with creative pieces from past and present students. Borah flourishes with beautiful work that inspires students everyday. Medias ranging from paint, pencil, photographs, and more can be found in every corner of the school.

“It makes it fun to come to school…something more to look forward to,” said past ceramics student senior Hailie Wilds, who can be found in the room creating pieces at lunch.  “We all have white walls at home. Who wants to see more?” she shrugged.

Art teacher Patrick Rose also appreciates the artwork found throughout the school. “Art should be everywhere!” He has even lent some pieces from his personal collection of student artwork to the library.  “I think we should showcase [student artwork] all the time, like a big refrigerator.”

Sophomore Kaira Paris-Mcdade’s artwork can also be found in the library.  Above the computers at the front, one can find three intricate sea life photos. Being a photo student, she loves the way Borah shows off its students.

“At my old school, there wasn’t much of a spotlight for student artwork,” she explained.  Paris-Mcdade has also won a few contests, including a blue ribbon in a Stevens-Henager art contest. “I think there should be artwork in other places than just the library. If we could put more in the cafeteria I think people would appreciate it more.”

Paris-Mcdade explained that if Borah were to showcase more artwork, students would have more opportunities to present their artwork to their peers.

Senior Alexx Claar applied her signature art directly on the wall of teacher Jenn Compton’s art room.

“This entire school should just be one big art building,” she stated.

The painting features a figure rising from a pool of black liquid next to the lyrics from a Crystal Castles song by the name of Celestica. Claar has been in the art program since she enrolled at Borah and now spends most of her class periods in Compton’s room. When asked about the school’s art budget she simply replied with, “I feel like it needs to be better. There are some things that we need that are not provided by the school.”

Art classes are limited to a few used canvases and old acrylic paints.  “If we had more funding, we could afford oil paints and new canvases,” explained Clarr, who believes that with these new supplies, students would have more options with their artwork and the mediums with which they create it.

Pre-calculus teacher Becky Brown’s door has a painting of Pythagoras, deep in thought, but with purple sneakers.

“At the time, it started as a money earning project for the art department,” she said.  The student working on the piece ended up dropping out before she could finish his feet so the rest was given to another student to finish.

“I guess they couldn’t draw feet because they gave him purple shoes!” Brown laughed.

Even though she hasn’t been fond of the shoes, Brown has enjoyed the piece and all of the other works around Borah. “We love it! Look at our beams!” She says as she points up towards the rainbow beams that line the math hall.  She concluded, “Support it. Believe in it. Wish I could do it!”

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  1. Kali Kurdy on March 15th, 2014 10:47 am

    I taught at Borah many years and one of the things I was most proud of at the school was the art. It wasn’t always the prettiest, but it was meaningful. The multi-lingual greetings appearing down the corridor from the parking lot were done by a group of 6 Sophomore Class officers. Many of the sayings on the wall were done by Discover Idaho students in the 90s. The artwork in the math wing was started by Anne Klahr, then Compton and Rose took over and made it a wonderful place for students to go to school. Most people in Boise don’t ever get a chance to see the artwork displayed in the halls of Borah. However, it is as much a part of the culture of the school as the championship sports banners in the cafeteria are. Thanks for having the vision to see the trees in the midst of the forest.


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Students adorn walls, doors with art